"Passion since 1939"

The history of Bignami starts in 1937, thanks to the resourcefulness of Battista Berti – father, grandfather, shooter and hunter – who stated this journey on shooting ranges teaching friends and family about the hunting World.
It is here, in Bolzano, in the back of a friend’s shop that everything begins. Although, it has been in 1939 that Battista opened the Bignami armory in Via Ospedale 2, Bolzano,
which marked the official beginning of this fantastic adventure.

But why Bignami? The armory carries the name of Giorgina Bignami, mother and wife of Battista Berti, nameholder of the first license, brave and tenacious holder of the shop especially during war times.

In 1945, Battista comes back after a two year war imprisonment and starting in the ‘50s he starts to import and sell also to other regions outside of Bolzano brands such as Tyrol,
Franz Sodia, Sauer & Sohn, at the time also manufacturer for Weatherby.
In the meantime, his son Franco, national champion in multiple specialties decides to pursue this path and goes international, focusing on big caliber competitions realizing strong results and merits. Thanks to this experience, he meets many important people, learns the craft and the importance of finding the definitive performance and excellence in a product.
This incredible knowledge and passion for both target shooting and hunting translated into an incredible asset for the company.

Well, after more than 80 years, from that far 1939, we can still say proudly that the passion for hunting and shooting in general, still remains a fundamental pillar of the business.

At this point, we can say that the company is based on one principle that stands behind a single word, PASSION!
A formidable passion for hunting, target shooting and everything that these fascinating universes comprehend. A passion that keeps flowing in the Berti family,
influencing up to this day choices and programs, a passion that has been able to transform an interesting activity in something much bigger.

It’s been like this for Battista Berti, who transformed his passion into work, it’s been like this also for the never forgotten Franco, who lived for his passion for hunting till his last moment of life in 1975.

This value is been carried on also by the newer generation of the Berti family, this is the case of archery, passion of Marco, son of Franco.
This is Bignami.
Berti family.