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Haendler & Natermann

H&N Sport is one the leading manufacturers worldwide for highly accurate air rifle pellets and bullets for reloaders and muzzle-loaders. Our extensive knowledge and our skilled craftsmanship are founded on over 180 years of our company tradition.
The roots of H&N Sport go back as far as the 1830s. In the beginning the business was industrial manufacture of milled lead and lead foil: lead bars were cast in plates, partly by adding tin, and rolled into foil by hand. This was used for beating out tobacco tins and tea caddies. In 1847 Carl Georg August Natermann acquired the former Hann. Münden fortified tower and commenced production of lead shot. Until the 1980s shot was produced here under the “Lätare” name. Apart from lead weights and plumb lines, different calibre bullets were manufactured early on for the target rifles of that time. From 1950 to the present day: bullets and pellets that meet the highest standards. Since the 1950s, H&N has also manufactured a wide range of different calibre air rifle pellets for the most diverse applications, in addition to bullets for muzzle-loaders and large-calibre firearms. Production is carried out exclusively on our own purpose-built machinery. H&N Sport’s long tradition and experience have proven to be profitable: today around two-thirds of all top marksmen and women use our ammunition in international and national competitions in the 10m Olympic events. A fact that makes us very proud and provides recognition for our work.