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A precise shot at every distance

A precise shot at every distance

A precise shot at every distance When shooting at the range, hitting the target can be depending on the light, the wind, and other thousand different factors. But, there is one that is fixed, distance.

This does not always carry over to the hunting World as the prey is not going to pose for the hunter, and the effective distance can be influenced by the perspective, the background, and by the time of the day. Knowing precisely, the distance of the animal is required for a good hunt. As the bullet has a parabolic trajectory, if the animal is further than what the rifle is zeroed on, the shot is going to miss as it will start to fall. How much it is going to fall is going to be depending on various elements. Most ammunition manufacturers publish the values of the fall of the bullet on distances up to 300 meters. A more precise indication of speed and fall of the bullet on your rifle can be measured with a chronograph and by calculating the parabole with a ballistic program. Although, all of this information will be useless if you won’t be able to know the distance of the target/prey on the field. Rangefinders The main instrument used to measure distance is the laser rangefinder, a new generation of optical devices that will project a laser beam on the target, which will be reflected back into a sensor that is capable of determining the exact distance between the two points. A rangefinder is also capable of calculating and determining the angle compensation, which is going to influence the parable of the bullet as well, and will give the user an effective distance. Laser rangefinders are nowadays available in many different configurations, that allow everyone to afford one as also the more affordable versions are now capable of offering the hunter an excellent measuring distance. An example is the 39Optics Chamois ARC, which can have an effective range of up to 600 meters, or the Hawke Endurance that can get up to 1500 meters or the Sig Sauer Kilo 2400, a more sophisticated one, which can measure distance up to 2500 meters. But, there is more technology now that allows the user to integrate rangefinders with the optics in a very efficient way. This creates somewhat revolutionary and new. An example of this new device would be the high-quality Zeiss Victory RF binocular available in different configurations (8x42, 10x42, 8x54, or 10x54), which has an integrated rangefinder. This device can connect directly to your phone and will allow the shooter to get instant and precise ballistic data that can be personalized based on the caliber and ammunition type. Moreover, with the Sig Electro-Optics BDX system, it’s even possible to have the rangefinder, the optic mounted on the rifle, and the smartphone linked together. This system will directly interface with the reticle, which will be adjusted based on the distance that the rangefinder picks up, and therefore the shooter will not need to even touch the turrets to make adjustments. The future is today, and for the modern hunter, this could represent a very reliable instrument that will guarantee precise shots in every circumstance.

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