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The modern crossbow: fun and performance

The modern crossbow: fun and performance

Crossbows, as a natural evolution of the bow and its flanking tool, as a hunting and war instrument, have been part of human history for many centuries. The modern crossbow, however, is today a very different tool and it is able to offer moments of real fun.

Silent, precise and above all easy to use: these are all typical features of the modern crossbow. Modern crossbows are essentially divided into two broad categories: traditional crossbows (those characterized by a single string and a pair of limbs) and compound ones (those with pulleys) which are divided into an immensity of different models and configurations.

The two types differ and stand out on one hand for the easy operation (traditional ones) and on the other for the higher energy and speed they are able to produce.

Among the various models of compound crossbows available in different brands (mainly American), we can find many shapes (more or less compact) with integrated crank cocking device or more essential with a simple manual cocker that helps cocking.

Compound crossbows can have very different prices starting from around 300€ up to over 3,000€. To have fun you don’t need to spend a lot but it is obvious that the best performances are usually given by the most advanced, and therefore more expensive, models.

So how to choose the right crossbow for your use?

First of all, the advice is to start with an intermediate range model to become familiar with the instrument and understand what you are really looking for in terms of results and perfor- mance. After that, if you are interested, you can go towards more technological models and therefore obviously more expensive.

To have fun then, approach a good quality and reliable crossbow that shoot the bolt at a speed higher than 320 feet per second. From there on, your passion will guide your next steps.

As for the crossbow bolts, the choice ranges from aluminum to fiber and finally to carbon ones. The differences are related to both precision and strength. Also in this case, the rule is to stay in the middle ground with respect to the price and to the material. It is surely better to go on carbon.

All we can do is wish you a lot of fun with your next crossbow.

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