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Merkel‘s only production site is in Suhl - we view the location as a guarantee of quality that is recognised in many countries around the world. The Suhl manufactory is an exceptional combination of hunting gun manufacturing and high-tech forging. Merkel combines the traditional manufacturing methods of handcrafted hunting guns with the highest standards of quality and safety.With every part of a Merkel gun, careful consideration is given to whether, from the customer’s point of view, it should be handmade or machine produced.
Today Merkel exports to more than 40 countries all over the world and has close to 200 employees - each one a highly qualifi ed specialist. They often come from families that have worked in the gunmaking trade for generations. Merkel is one of the very few factories that can manufacture both modern fi rearms and handcrafted hunting guns. No matter which category a customer chooses, a Merkel carries the Suhl genes: reverence to and the heritage of the German Damascus. And this has its own basic principles.


Un sovrapposto Merkel 203E con acciarini Holland & Holland con cartelle intere smontabili a mano, nell’elegante calibro 20 e con profonda...

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Un altro pezzo unico selezionatissimo di Merkel, il sovrapposto 303E in calibro 20, in questo caso le cartelle intere tipo H&H con ampia...

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