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“Ten bullets through one hole” was the philosophy of Joyce Hornady, the company's founder. This great idea of accuracy and perfection has continued from the first bullet made more than half a century ago, right through today.  Like so many successful companies, Hornady Manufacturing was born out of one man’s vision of a better product for his own use. Joyce Hornady was an ardent shooter and needed a steady supply of good, accurate bullets. While commercially available bullets were usable, Joyce felt that better bullets could be made.
During World War II, Joyce had taken a job in a guard training unit at the Grand Island Army Ammunition Plant. He and his family of three moved to Grand Island from Lincoln. In the first years following the war, shooters and hunters used some of the vast surplus of military ammunition for their sport shooting. This surplus ammunition however, did not offer the accuracy or performance needed for target shooting, big game or varmint hunting.
Joyce realized the need for better bullets and he responded to it. In 1949, using his training as an engineer, he and his original partner Vernon Speer built a machine that converted spent .22 rimfire cases into bullet jackets, and then into bullets. Advertised in the “American Rifleman” Magazine, these bullets sold well all over the country. Using a surplus bullet assembly press, he also began to produce a 30 caliber bullet. From the initial production in 1949, this bullet still remains one of our most popular.
In 1970, Steve Hornady, Joyce’s youngest son and our current president, joined the company. In 1971, Hornady acquired Pacific Tool Company and diversified into the reloading tool market and moved their operations to our facility in Grand Island, Nebraska. The addition of Pacific Tool Company and its existing products, as well new product development fueled the company’s growth. In 2006, Jason Hornady, Steve’s son, joined the company after 15 years as a shooting sports industry representative. Jason is currently the Director of Sales and Vice President of the company. Today Hornady Manufacturing has over 200 employees, occupies over 70,000 square feet of production space and in a single day produces more bullets than the entire first year’s production. Our market includes not only the United States, but much of Canada, Europe, Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, and parts of Africa.