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Our history



The story of Bignami began in 1937, thanks to our father and grandfather Battista Berti. As a skilled and passionate hunter and shooter, he loved to spend time to advise and train his friends and hunting companions on the shooting ranges.

But, the family activity casually started in Bolzano, after a working day, at the back of an electrical appliance store owned by a close friend, a passionate hunter himself.

Then, in 1939 father/grandfather Battista officially opened the Bignami gun-shop in via Ospedale 2 in Bolzano. This year would be the true beginning of our remarkable adventure.
But why the name Bignami? The mythical gun-shop bears the name of Giorgina Bignami, mother/grandmother and wife of Battista Berti. She was the very first license holder, a tenacious and brave guardian of the activity, especially during the tragic and troubled years of the war.

In 1945, Battista came back from a very tough imprisonment, which had lasted more than two years. In the '50s, he started importing and selling brand names such as Tyrol, Franz Sodia and Sauer & Sohn (manufacturer also for Weatherby at that time), beyond the borders of the province.

Meanwhile, Franco, the eldest son of Battista, national athlete (with free rifle at 50 m. and several times Italian absolute champion) chose an even more stimulating shooting: the 3 positions big bore rifle (.308 Winchester) at 300 m. He obtained important international awards.
Thanks to his knowledge and experience, Franco built important business relations, refined and meticulous research in performance, and definitely, a great specialization for the company. He pursued his great passion for ungulates hunting, which was traditionally part of central Europe.

More than 75 years have passed since that far 1937 and we can still proudly say that rifle hunting remains the cornerstone of the Bignami activity. The most important worldwide brands have always been sought for.

This being said, to sum up our activity we would use one key word only 'PASSION'!

A daunting passion for hunting, shooting and all that surrounds this fascinating universe.
A passion that continues to pervade us, involving choices and programs today.
A passion that has managed to transform an interesting activity into something more. Much more.

This is how it was for Battista Berti. He created a job out of his passion for hunting and shooting.

This is how it was for our memorable Franco. His sporting experience and endless hunting passion accompanied him until his very last moment in life, in 1975.

This is how it is for us now. All that Bignami deals with, like for instance archery, is the result of the personal passion of our grandson Marco, son of Franco.

This is how Bignami can be explained.

Carlo and Luciano
Marco and Clara
Achille and Alice Berti