Ceská zbrojovka a.s., Uherský Brod is a long standing manufacturer of small arms. The original orientation of the company was to produce military small arms, but over time the product range was expanded with products for civilian use both for sports and hunt shooting.
Ceská Zbrojovka permanently increases the volume of its production, while expanding its assortment of small arms - both individual product types and modifications. The prominent feature of firearms made by Ceská Zbrojovka is their quality, long-run reliability and accuracy. These features bring a lasting interest to the purchase and use of these products. At present, Ceská Zbrojovka represents one of the biggest small arms producers in the world, based on sales to about 100 countries around the world. The excellence of Ceská zbrojovka's products have created an image of high quality over the span of its existence both on the domestic and world markets; for this reason, the company considers its responsibility to be to ensure that the parameters of its products will be the best possible at all times. The company's technical development and production of pistols, rifles, rimfire rifles, shotguns, and air guns constantly create a wide assortment of products
Ceská Zbrojovka invests considerable financial assets into the purchase of state - of - the art technology each year, especially in the fields of computer numerically controlled machining centers and computing techniques so as to improve their arms' qualities and properties. Thanks to the CAD designing of products, the company can quickly respond to the demands of the market with the development of new products with perfect qualities. For this reason comes to the market with new products every year.